Drifting will give you an experience similar to mountain
trekking – but you don't have to carry anything. In our rubber boats you can bring what you need without worrying about the weight.

Suitable for all
Everybody will enjoy a drifting trip on the Lainio river. It is safe and comfortable, and the rapids are exciting but never dangerous.

How many in a raft?
Each raft can hold up to six persons with luggage, but the ideal number is four persons. At least two persons must be able to paddle andand steer the craft in the rapids.

Is it dangerous?
Drifting on the Lainio river is an adventure, but never dangerous. The rafts are very stable and they are almost impossible to capsize.

There are plenty of nice camp sites along the length of the river. South of Jårkastakka there are comfortable windbreaks; and further south, close to Soppero-Lannavara-Lainio, there are cabins where you can find shelter if the weather is rough.




We will supply:

  • Raft
  • Paddles
  • Life wests
  • Watertight barrels for your baggage

Many people prefer to paddle all the way, but we can offer you a small outboard motor to help you travel between the rapids. The rafts are comfortable and easy to paddle, but the paddling can take time if a strong headwind arises.

What you need (we can help you with most of this)

  • Food
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Field kitchen
  • Warm clothes
  • Rubber boots and rainwear
  • Articles for personal care
  • Clothes-line
  • Fishing gear (if you want to fish)
  • First aid kit
  • Mosquito repellent

Contact us, tell us what you want and let us suggest an arrangement that suits you.

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