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Midnight sun in Lainio Lapland Wild river salmon  fishing Salmon and trout fishing

Welcome to Lainio Vildmark!
The village of Lainio, by the clean Lainio river, makes an excellent base camp for adventures, both in summer and in winter. We have been in business for over 25 years.

Sweden's most northerly destination, "The Kingdom of the Eight Seasons", right up in the Land of the Midnight Sun! The area has been lyrically acclaimed by sports writers ever since angling became an important sport here.

  Laxar fångade i Lainioälven  juli 2007
Salmon caught in the middle of the villlage.
Weight just over 10 kilos.
  Happy fisherman with freshly caught salmon.
Have you planned your fishing summer yet? In Lainio we have wild salmon, trout and grayling in wild settings

Lax fångad i Lainioälven

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