Lainio Salmon




4 km downstream of Camp Silence, Mother Nature has created a canyon, the tantalising Taanikurkkio.

Taanikurkkio is river Lainios pulsating heart and the gift to the fly fishing salmon angler. Within its 10km of this extraordinary part of river you will find endless deep holes, sharp edges, flat tails and wild rapids, all of which are excellent spots and lies for fishing.

The Taanikurkkio is almost inaccessible with its steep cliff formations, basically the only way to get access to the entire stretch is to use a raft for transportation through the canyon.

With the raft and an experienced guide your have good chances to experience something unique in for example 'Jarvis Pool' or the 'Frenchman'.





Two kilometers downstream of where Taanikurkkio ends starts a new set of rapids. Here the river changes its characteristics, the canyon vanishes into more flat surroundings and the strong and wild rapids converts into calmer, more even flows. This is one of the places that even in the old days was known as a hotspot for salmon. Väkkäräkoski is easier to accesses as well and it's possible to reach the top of the rapid by car.


A very interesting part of the river which, like Taanikurrkio, is hard to access and offers a presence of real wilderness. Lannavara is a small village located 44 kilometers upstream Lainio.

The raft is the only transportation through this part of the river. A typical tour here includes two nights in a tent along the river.



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