Lainio Salmon

Lainio salmon Lainio salmon Salmon

The salmon has returned!

The Lainio river was once 'full' of salmon. But like all rivers that depend on the condition of the Baltic Sea, the numbers have fluctuated, and during the worst periods the wild salmon was considered almost extinct.

But things have improved, and the year 1998 was the first very good year, with high numbers of spawning salmon. Regulations have kept the harvest moderate and we have seen high levels of salmon in subsequent years. If this development continues, the coming years will offer salmon fishing that can compete with that found in the famous Norwegian and Icelandic waters.

The Lainio river has many sections that are suitable for fly-fishing, and the first pool is found right in the village. A few kilometres downstream you will probably fall in love with the Kukrkio rapids with strong currents alternating with interesting pools.




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